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There's nowhere else quite like London.

London is the UK's capital city. Home to tech giants and household names, London is still the main hub for businesses looking to trade in the UK. There is every type of office space for rent in London, you've just got to know where to find it.

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"We're biased, we know. But we love London. It's the beating heart of our business and we're here to give as much back as we take from it."

Aidan Twomey
Co-founder - XIX
Office space costs in London.

London office space costs vary depending on the neighbourhood and the connections. The quality difference of Grade A office space to Grade B offices (brand new to second-hand) is vast.

Hot Desks (£)
£350-1500 pm/desk
Grade A Leased Office
£35-150 ft²
Grade B Leased Office
£20-£75 ft²
The 'Vibe' in London.

Bars, restaurants and gyms in Central London.

London is famous over for its tourism and hospitality. People travel all over the world standing in the streets with a pint of beer outside one of London's thousands of pubs and bars. The food game is pretty good too - with a number of the world's best restuarants such as The Clove Club and Llyle's, there's something for everyone.

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