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We're at a tipping point.
An environmental, economical and social tipping point.
Being 'better' is no longer 'optional'.

It's non-negotiable.

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We believe that everyone should have the chance to change the world.

Giving back is an important part of our company ethos. As a company, we understand the collective responsibility we have to our communities as well as the wider world and the profound impact that businesses like XIX can have.

As Apple’s Tim Cook once said, “we want to be the pebble in the pond that creates a ripple for change”.
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We measure our responsibility across the three pillars of sustainability


We work to reduce environmental damage and footprint to levels that can be naturally absorbed by nature.
We work to develop the communities around us and create a fair global and local society.
Building a financially sustainable and stable business model that provides security to a SME supply chain.

Our sustainability policy

XIX was founded on the belief that the world of work is changing – employers and employees are rightfully demanding more from their place of work – physically, socially, and financially. We are a naturally forward-thinking organisation. And you cannot be forward thinking, without a focus on sustainability. That’s why we have a range of environmental, social, and financial sustainability strategies to help us monitor, review, and ultimately reduce our negative impacts, while maximising the ways in which we can be a force for good.

Environmental responsibility

XIX intends to minimise its carbon footprint by operating a flexible working structure centred around our innovative workspace in Bow Lane in London. This allows the growing team to work wherever suits them and to avoid unnneccesary travel.
Wherever possible our stationary and marketing materials are made from recycled materials or are recyclable. We choose only to partner with other businesses that consider sustainability as an important part of what they do. We try to avoid printing viewing schedules and documents wherever possible.
We try to reduce our carbon emissions. Rather than offsetting, we work to 'carbon sync'. This is the idea that rather than removing CO2 from the atmosphere, we try to do it at a faster pace than we are emitting it.
We work with our landlord and operator partners to champion better sustainability in buildings and promote these where we can.
We consider it our responsibility as workplace consultants and strategists to educate our occupier clients how to use their workplaces efficiently and sustainably.

Social responsibility

We intend to create a working environment that is built on employee happiness (satisfaction is no longer enough). We want to encourage our employees to express themselves, fulfil their potential and actively encourage a work-life balance.
We strive to work with conscious landlords, operators and partners who share our ethos.
We work with local suppliers, wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint and champion the local economy.
We work to give back to local and international causes through our charity donations.
We choose to bank with Starling Bank as we consider them one of the most environmentally and socially responsible banks.
We try to make a difference in our local London neighbourhoods through BIDs and developing the area for the better.

Financial responsibility

We intend and work towards building a strong, valuable brand for shareholders and employees.
We keep our costs to a minimum by reducing irresponsible spend therefore reducing carbon footprint and the other associated environmental costs.
As our team grows we plan on providing them with strong financial advice as part of a package and will assist them where required.
We embrace technology as a way of becoming a more efficient business in its running and encourage our partners to do the same.
We have a short, medium and long-term investment strategy in sustainable companies to bolster the earnings of the business, its employees and shareholders.

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