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XIX co-founder Nick Patterson
XIX co-founders Nick Patterson and Aidan TwomeyXIX co-founders Nick Patterson and Aidan Twomey

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What we stand for and why

Be honest always

Brokers and commercial agents sometimes get a bad rap. That comes down to the lack of transparency in the advice and sometimes an elements of greed. 

Not with us.

Embrace being the underdog

This mentality has carried hundreds of entrepreneurs to greatness. Even when they 'make it', this mentality still sets them apart from their competitors.

It should never change.

Be better

Sometimes, we can just be better. Properly was founded to improve the process and the service that organisations received when using an agent.

We remind ourselves daily, if something is not better than before, why are we doing it?

Wherever possible, give back

As a company, we understand the collective responsibility we have to our communities as well as the wider world and the profound impact that businesses like Properly can have.

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