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XIX workplace strategy and consulting for offices
Workplace & real estate strategy

New problems demand a new approach

As a dynamic and multi-skilled team, we can handle most real estate challenges thrown at us.

But you'll get the most value from us if we become part of your wider growth and strategy team.

It all begins with articulating the identity and personality of your organisation

And in pinpointing exactly what kind of workspace your organisation really needs to thrive. Not just now, but in the future, across territories.
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Do we fit the bill?

Why would your business need any workplace consultancy advice and what does it achieve?

The world of work is changing, rapidly.

In the context of physical workspace and real estate, ahead of any decisions or plans, organisations should take a data-led approach.

Not sure what your future workspace should look like? It's not as straight forward as that - workplace consultancy spans physical architecture, environmental psychology, wellness, hospitality, technology and location.

You need someone to challenge your organisation and ask the difficult questions at all seniority levels.

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"Far more than a broker - they helped us to think strategically about our requirements in the short and longer term"

Nick Parminter

Co-founder of Class35

The journey

How we work with you...

1. Discovery

We use numerous tools and methods to fully understand your business. We approach key stakeholders through surveys, workshops, interviews and observation to find out what's important at every level of your organisation.

2. Employee experience

We gather data from all employees to understand what's important and how they feel about certain themes. We'll  identify different personas and help map out the elements that need to be addressed within the project.

3. Location analysis

Location is key to a successful relocation or workplace project. We can work with you to plot commute locations, transport preferences and map out the suitable search areas for the agency team to target.

4. Brief development

At the earliest stage we pull together all of the data including discovery findings and survey responses - and begin to fully articulate what this means in terms of a property or project. This can include test-fits for property options.

5. Change management

Change management incorporates systems and processes that are critical for organisations looking to settle and adapt to new working patterns, new ways of working and new locations.

6. Forward thinking

As staff change, buildings and technologies change, our workplaces need to continue to pivot and evolve to support the business. We will work with you to benchmark and challenge your workplaces during these times of change.

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